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Story of Agel

A New Category

Agel Office at utahIn the world of network marketing, such conceptual breakthroughs are rare. Every decade or two, it seems, a company comes along with a fundamentally new product or way of doing business. Such companies define a new category and typically become industry icons. Legions of imitators inevitably follow, assuming lesser positions in the marketplace.

Agel has identified the new category of suspension gel technology and is already the market leader. But Agel is much more than that. Technology products require technology companies to market them, and Agel is committed to using every new system at its disposal to develop, produce, and distribute gel technologies and the personal financial opportunities they inspire.

Automated inventory systems, virtual distribution of marketing materials, global web-enabled support...these are just some of the leading-edge integrated systems Agel has leveraged to become, quite literally, the first technology-driven company in the network marketing industry.

The Power of Technology

Agel The power of technologyMost of us have had first-hand experience with the power of technology to dramatically expand our productivity and personal fulfillment:

  • Compare the instantaneous power of email to, say, handwriting a letter and sending it overseas by boat.
  • Cell phones now carry millions of voices where once native peoples communicated over distance with drums.
  • Today we think nothing of cramming 300 hours of audio onto an MP3 player when, not so long ago, 30 minutes of music on vinyl was an accomplishment.

The rocket–ship ride of technological innovation means we get what we need faster and with more control over how we use it. Technology is all about the speed of delivery and how conveniently it is packaged. Suspension Gel Technology can deliver literally anything the human body can use as well as the speed and convenience that all good technologies deliver. Whatever your body needs, gel can get it to you faster, more accurately, and with more control and convenience. The technology-enabled business systems at Agel mean more personal freedom, more financial power, and a greater speed of growth for Agel team members to reach their dreams. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities...

Why It Matters

Agel InternationalInnovation and technology are the economic engines driving prosperity worldwide. Category–creating companies are raising the standard of living from Silicon Valley to Shanghai. And since Agel employs communication technologies that know no geographical borders, its engine for growth can develop freely across the globe.

Agel made history by launching in 10 different countries on its very first day and its rate of global expansion will continue to be unprecedented. With its leadership in the emerging gel technologies category and its innovative use of technology-driven business systems, Agel has opened the door to prosperity to anyone anywhere anytime.

It’s never been done before but Agel just does things differently. While Agel’s competitors focus on products and extracts from the “old world,” Agel is a bold new vision of the future.

Will it be your future? Agel invites you to come along.

Product Certifcates

Halal Administrator CertificateNAFDAC CERTIFICATEThe Great Seal of The State of UtahOrthodox Union CertificateAgel World Anti-Doping Agency Certification


Agel Awards

Agel Named a Winner in the 2007 American Business Awards

Agel was named a winner in the 2007 American Business Awards, or "Stevies," in the Best Website Software Programming/Design category, vying against companies of all sizes and from virtually every industry. More than 2,000 nominations, including Adobe, Delphi, and, were submitted for consideration in Glen Jensen. more than 40 categories. Agel was also named a finalist in the categories of Best New Product, Best Website: Overall Design, and Best Executive, honoring Agel's Founder and CEO,

Agel Named a Winner in the 2007 American Business AwardsBusiness professionals nationwide selected finalists during more than five weeks of preliminary judging. Members of the Awards' Board of Distinguished Judges & Advisors and their staffs then selected Stevie winners from among the finalists.

"The Stevie Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the efforts, accomplishments, and positive contributions of companies and business people worldwide," said Michael P. Gallagher, Founder and Awards." President of the Stevie Awards. "In short order the Stevie has become one of the world's most coveted awards. The Stevies have been called the business world's own Oscar 

Nicknamed Stevie for the Greek word "crowned," the coveted award was designed by the same company that makes the Oscar, Clio, and other major awards. Stevie winners were announced during a gala at New York's Marriott Marquis Hotel on Monday, June 11. Larry Wilmore of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the master . of ceremonies

Agel's website was launched in March 2007, was built on strategy, and is the primary marketing and communications tool for team members who reside in over 40 countries worldwide. The site was programmed and designed by Axis 41, of Salt Lake City, with messaging and creative direction from Agel's marketing team.

Utah's Top 25 Under

Agel was recently announced as the first runner up at the 2007 "Top 25 Under Five" Awards, which spotlight outstanding Utah entrepreneurs from across the state. Agel Founder and CEO Glen Jensen accepted the award.

Utah's Top 25 UnderI am pleased that Agel is being recognized for its innovation and commitment to quality," said Glen Jensen. Agel is only as good as its employees, team members, products and ability to effect lives, and we are proud to be counted among the best in our industry.  This award is not just an achievement but also a launch pad for our continued innovation and success.

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF), a non-profit organization that promotes the development and growth of entrepreneurial ventures, hosted the awards ceremony.

"Utah provides a fertile business climate for the growth of entrepreneurial ventures," said Mark Lund, chairman of the UVEF board. "The Top 25 Under Five Award winners are among the Utah's best ambassadors for its vibrant business community."

The UVEF has recognized the development of more than 150 entrepreneurs and their companies in the past six years. Competing companies are judged based on profit, growth, equity funding, job creation and job quality. 

President Craig Bradley, Vice President of Global Sales Jeff Higginson and Chief Financial Officer Kyle Copeland were all in attendance from Agel corporate.

The Building Bridges Award

The Agel Cares Foundation Also Donated Needed Medical Equipment To The Countries Of Nigeria And The Philippines –

PROVO, Utah - Oct. 12, 2007 - Recognized as a world leader in suspension gel technology for nutritional supplements, Provo-based Agel Enterprises announced the formation of the Agel Cares Foundation with its mission "to improve the lives of families by providing needed medical and nutritional assistance, and improving life-sustaining skills."

The Building Bridges AwardThe foundation was introduced at the 2007 AgelWorld convention in Salt Lake City in front of an estimated crowd of 3,500 people with a check presentation to the United Jewish Federation of Utah to help the organization with its efforts to educate Israeli children.

"Since day one of operations, we always wanted to create a foundation that would bless the lives of individuals and families for not just a day, but a lifetime," said Glen Jensen, CEO and founder of Agel. "Now that Agel is a debt-free company, we are excited for the opportunity we will have to positively impact the people of the world."

Nigeria and the Philippines are two nations also benefiting from the charitable organization. The foundation purchased portable microscopes and other medical equipment that will be used to examine and perform a variety of surgeries on the eyes.

"The surgeries will not only help the people who live in the city, but will also help those who live in the villages and do not have the money or means to travel to the city for surgery," said Max L. Pinegar, executive director of the  Agel Cares Foundation.

Pinegar said the foundation is not organized to meet one type of need, but to fulfill a whole variety of life-sustaining services to people in need throughout the world.

Currently, the foundation is purchasing medical equipment in areas of the world where the need for the equipment is highest. As the company's sales grow and donations to the foundation from team members and employees grow, the foundation will eventually donate goods and services to countries around the globe, Pinegar said. 

Agel corporate is covering all operating costs associated with the foundation, allowing 100 percent of all monetary donations received to go directly to helping people in need.

Agel also announced the company will donate 1 cent for every foil top that is collected from its nutritional supplements.

At the 2007 convention, Agel team members were asked to bring prescription eyeglasses to donate to the foundation The glasses were then donated to the Deseret International Foundation where they will then be distributed throughout the world.

The Emerging Elite Award

The Award Recognized Twelve Utah Companies That Are Under Five Years Old And Show Significant Promise For Future Growth—

PROVO, Utah - Nov. 1, 2007 - Recognized as a world leader in suspension gel technology for nutritional supplements, Utah-based Agel Enterprises was selected as one of the 12 "Emerging Elite" companies at the 13th annual Utah 100 Awards Program held Monday, Oct. 22 in Salt Lake City.

The Emerging Elite AwardThe awards ceremony recognized Utah's top fastest growing and top revenue companies that are more than five years old and "Emerging Elite" companies that are under five years old, but show a significant promise for future growth.

"Receiving this ‘Emerging Elite' award only after two years of operation, really is a testament to the rapid growth and vitality that is currently at Agel," said Darren Jensen, chief operating officer at Agel. "We are proud of our accomplishments thus far and are grateful for organizations like MountainWest Capital Network that recognize flourishing Utah businesses."

The award selection committee looked at the increases in percentage growth of revenue for each company and recognized companies with the highest increase from previous years with the Utah 100 Awards.

The awards were presented by the MountainWest Capital Network, Utah's first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success.

"The Utah 100 program is an important contribution to the Utah business community. It provides a forum for highlighting the achievements of both emerging and mature business, and keeps the public informed about positive developments," said Todd Leishman, Chairman of this year's Utah 100 Program and a business attorney with the Salt Lake law firm of Durham Jones & Pinegar. "The Utah 100 award has become a prestigious recognition for our winners, and has significant meaning to those who receive it."

Agel Enterprises Named A Winner In The 2008 Best Of State Awards

The annual award competition recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah and named Agel with the state's best health/nutrition products –

Agel Enterprises Named A Winner In The 2008 Best Of State AwardsPROVO, Utah - May 5, 2008 - Recognized as a world leader in suspension gel technology for nutritional supplements and cosmetics, Utah-based Agel Enterprises announce its innovative gel nutritional supplements and cosmetics were named a winner in the 2008 Best of State Awards.

The annual award competition recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah who have shown an extraordinary record of success throughout the past year. Agel will be recognized on May 31 at 6:30 p.m. at an award reception held at the Grand Ballroom in the Salt Palace Convention Center for best health/nutrition product.

"Winning a Best of State Award was something I did not even imagine when I had the idea of gel nutrition," said Glen Jensen, CEO and founder of Agel. "This award is a testament of our progress and commitment to health and I am proud to share it with our employees and team members throughout the world."

Agel currently manufactures nine gel-based nutritional products and a seven product anti-aging skin care line. The products range from weight control to maintaining healthy joints and incorporate various nutrients from fruits. And plants that are scientifically known to help the body remain healthy

Agel Wins the 2008 UVEF Top 25 Under Five Awards

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum announced winners of its 2008 Top 25 Under Five Awards yesterday, spotlighting outstanding Utah entrepreneurs from across the state. Agel Enterprises was recognized as the number one. Nominees .performer among the Top 25 

Agel Wins the 2008 UVEF Top 25 Under Five Awards“These Top 25 winners have demonstrated excellence in their fields and provide the brightest of prospects for the future growth of Utah business,” said Shauna Theobald, UVEF 2008 Chair. “This group represents the spirit of entrepreneurship and sets the mark by which others will be measured.”

This year's other award recipients are Control4, Skull Candy, Seastone, Mindshare Technologies, Sunrise Publishing Group, Aribex, Cymphonix, Alianza, Navigator Business Solutions, Vested Group,, Procerus, OrangeSoda, Hunter Composites, Experience Dental Studio, Q90, Snapp Conner PR, Rockwell, Ad Hoc Electronics, FundingUniverse, LineaGen, Renasis, Kaufman Enterprise Solutions, Ciralight, Five Star Painting, and Rocketship.

UVEF's Top 25 Under Five Awards is celebrating it ninth year of recognizing the development of more than 175 entrepreneurs and their companies. Competing companies are judged based on revenue growth and job creation. Agel placed number two in last years awards ceremony and number seven in 2006.

President Craig Bradley was interviewed after accepting the Top 25 Under 5 Award - watch his interview below

The UVEF is a non-profit support group working to share knowledge and experience. As a nonprofit organization founded in 1989, the UVEF promotes the development and growth of entrepreneurial ventures by: providing networking opportunities, promoting recognition of business accomplishments and contributions, sharing business experiences, and by encouraging free enterprise.  Information on upcoming meetings, speakers, and membership can be found at 

Utah Business Magazine Names Agel Enterprises As One Of Utah’s Emerging Eight Companies In 2008

The annual program recognizes Utah's Fast 50 companies older than 5 years old as well as Utah's emerging eight companies 

Utah Business Magazine Names Agel Enterprises As One Of Utah's Emerging Eight Companies in 2008PROVO, Utah - Aug. 28, 2008 - Recognized as a world leader in suspension gel technology for nutritional supplements, Utah-based Agel Enterprises was named by Utah Business Magazine as one of Utah's Emerging Eight companies.

The annual program featured by Utah Business Magazine was presented by sponsors Kirton & McConkie and Ernst & Young. The program, known as Utah Business Fast 50, spotlights 50 Utah based businesses that have shown steady growth and have operated for more than five years. The Fast 50 also highlights eight companies who have operated less than five years and have demonstrated extraordinary growth and a promising future.

"It is an absolute honor to be selected by Utah Business Magazine to be named as one of Utah's Emerging Eight companies, said Brent Jensen, Agel's Vice President of Business Development. We are so grateful for Agel's outstanding employees that reside in Utah and internationally for making an award like this even possible."

Agel adds the award to their long list of recent accomplishments. In January Utah Business Magazine named CEO Glen Jensen as one of Utah's "Top 40 Under 40" best executives. The MountainWest Capital Network also announced in its annual Utah's 100 Fastest Growing Companies that Agel Enterprises is one of the 2007 "Emerging Elite" companies-a designation for 12 young companies that show significant promise on the Utah economy.

MountainWest Capital Network Names Agel Enterprises As One Of Utah’s Emerging Elite Companies In 2008 For The Second Consecutive Year

The annual program recognizes the top Utah 100 companies older than 5 years old as well as select Utah emerging elite companies –

MountainWest Capital Network Names Agel Enterprises As One Of  Utah's Emerging Elite Companies in 2008 For The Second Consecutive YearPROVO, Utah - Oct. 27, 2008 - Recognized as a world leader in suspension gel technology for nutritional supplements, Utah-based Agel Enterprises was named by the MountainWest Capital Network as one of Utah's Emerging Elite companies, the second such honor rewarded to Agel Enterprises by MountainWest Capital Network in as many years.

The award ceremony was hosted by the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. The keynote speaker and honored guest at the event was Utah Governor John Huntsman Jr. Recipients of the award were greeted and had their picture taken with Governor Huntsman.

The event was organized and primarily sponsored by the MountainWest Capital Network which is Utah's first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success.