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Ageless Skin Care
Price : $189.00


Agel Ageless Skin Care

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Seven antioxidant products to improve the one-and-only you.

From cleansers to moisturizers, each product in the line is specially designed to help your skin thrive.

  1. Agel Ageless skin careRevitalizing Gel Scrub
  2. Gentle Daily Cleansing Gel
  3. Refreshing Anti-oxidant Misting Gel
  4. Daily Moisturizing Gel
  5. Intensive Anti-aging Gel Serum
  6. Nourishing Night Gel
  7. Age-defying Eye Gel

In addition to nutritional treatment AGEL product line. Sales of the top of the world’s Ageless Skin Care has the distinction of being the first gel-based skin care in the world as well. Effect of absorption into the skin quickly. Deep enough to see clearly. And why the need for skin care products for Agel, it’s because …

Ageless Skin Care System With EXO Anti-Oxidant Power.

  • Ageless is the world’s first product containing the gel and 7 species. The extract of Agel EXO.
  • Ageless Design by chemists. The world-renowned health. The skin has long experience of 25 years.
  • Ageless both basic and specific products that help improve skin health. And more youthful.
  • Ageless Skin Care Natural Skin Care, and the meaning of true petroleum-free design. Dangerous chemicals (Sodium lauryl Sulfate, Propylene Glycol) Mineral Oil or Latino Paraben parts of animals. Ageless and no experiments on animals.

Remark: Price stated above is the price per container sold in U.S.  Price of product sold in other country may be vary by country. Click buy now to observe product price in your country.

Additional $10 to buy renew pack at $199, you will get both Ageless skin care ,beauty from outside, priced $189 and Agel GLO, beauty from inside out, priced $75.


Ageless Facts

Give EXO a hand: the genesis of Ageless.

Agel Ageless Skin care Agel EXOHow did EXO go from nutrition you take to nutrition you put on? It started when—on a whim and maybe a hunch—an international Agel distributor put EXO on one of her hands. The soft, supple skin on the EXO-treated hand startled her—and she wasn’t alone. Women from around the world had begun putting EXO on their skin. And they’d discovered—almost simultaneously—that the incredible nutrition found inside EXO dramatically improved their skin’s health and appearance.

A recipe for success. Seven products to improve the one-and-only you.

There are seven products in the system. These seven products were created to work together. Each of designed as a step toward to the next with properties in each product designed to work with the properties of the other products in the line. When you are cooking and you leave out an important ingredient, does it affect the outcome? It’s the same with skin care. When you skip a step or simply decide that you don’t need do complete a part of the routine, you sabotage your success and the system won’t work as well for you as it might if you would just take the time.

Ageless products are natural.

  • Agel Ageless skin care naturalPetroleum free
  • Free of harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol
  • Free of mineral oil or lanolin
  • Paraben free
  • Not used or tested on animals

Why is this important?

Petroleum is used in more products than you can imagine. It is a barrier to moisture, but used because of it’s ability to make the skin feel smooth and soft for a time. It will not, however, penetrate the skin and allow a moisturizer to work.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cheap detergent commonly used in cosmetic cleansers, hair shampoos, bath and shower gels, bubble baths, etc. — It is probably the most dangerous ingredient used in skin and hair-care products. In the cleaning industry SLS is used in garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers, car-wash soaps, etc. It is very corrosive and readily attacks greasy surfaces.Propylene glycol is used to make antifreeze and de-icing solutions for cars, airplanes, and boats. It is also used in hydraulic brake fluids and inks used in stamp pads, ballpoint pens, and print shops.

Mineral oil and lanolin both block the skin from receiving and developing moisture.

Parabens have been connected to cancer in recent years.

What are free radicals, how do they work?

Agel Ageless Skin careFree-radical damage occurs on an atomic level. Molecules are made of atoms, and a single atom is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Electrons are always found in pairs. However, when oxygen molecules are involved in a chemical reaction, they can lose one of their electrons. This oxygen molecule that now only has one electron is called a free radical. With only one electron the oxygen molecule must quickly find another electron, and it does this by taking the electron from another molecule. When that molecule in turn loses one of its electrons, it too must seek out another, in a continuing reaction. Molecules attempting to repair themselves in this way trigger a cascading event called “free-radical damage.”

What causes a molecule to let go of one of its electrons, generating free-radical damage? The answer is oxygen or any compound that contains an oxygen molecule, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide) plus sunlight, and pollution.

Antioxidants prevent unstable oxygen molecules (made unstable by loss of one electron) from interacting with other molecules (taking one of their electrons) and consequently causing them to become unstable, a process that starts the free-radical chain reaction. Fortunately, a vast assortment of antioxidants can be found in both the human body and in the plant world.

So what does that have to do with wrinkles? No one is exactly sure, but theoretically wrinkles appear when the free-radical damage originates from natural environmental factors and fails to be cancelled out by some amount of antioxidant protection. If we don’t get enough antioxidant protection, either from our own body’s production, from dietary sources, or from antioxidants, including those we put on our skin, free-radical damage continues unrestrained, causing cells to break down and impairing or destroying their ability to function normally.

Antioxidants (anti- meaning against) reduce these harmful effects by repairing the damage done to these molecules and decreasing their destructive power.


Revitalizing gel scrub

Revitalizing Gel Scrub

Exfoliate and purify your skin with this gentle and effective scrub. The Ageless Gel Scrub removes dead skin cells, allowing your skin to breathe easier. Use it four to five times per week for a smooth and radiant complexion.

To use:  Apply a small amount to palm. Gently massage into face and neck in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water. Gentle enough to use four to five times per week.

Price: $25.00

Buy agel ageless revitalizing gel scrub  How to buy

Gentle daily cleansing gelGentle Daily Cleansing Gel

Eliminate impurities with this fresh, foaming gel. The Ageless Daily Cleansing Gel removes makeup and eliminates dead skin cells, environmental particles, and excess oil. Use it morning and night for soft, clean, and supple skin.

To use:  Apply a small amount and gently cleanse face and neck with circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with water and follow with misting gel.

Price: $22.50

Buy agel ageless gentle daily cleansing gel  How to buy

refreshing anti-oxidant misting gelRefreshing Anti-oxidant Misting Gel

Tone and balance your skin with this light, hydrating mist. The Ageless Anti-oxidant Misting Gel removes all traces of cleanser and impurities. Use it morning and night to complete your cleansing process and restore your skin’s moisture.

To use:  Mist onto cleansed face and neck. Allow two minutes for ample hydration prior to using the serum, and follow with the day or night moisturizer.

Price: $20.00

Buy agel ageless refreshing anti-oxidant misting gel  How to buy

Daily moisturizing gelDaily Moisturizing Gel

Prevent free radicals from damaging your skin with this hydrating day gel. The Ageless Daily Moisturizing Gel protects your skin from the multitude of daily stresses it encounters, including pollution and wind. Use it daily to combat toxins and keep your skin hydrated.

To use:  Apply one to two pumps over face and neck, avoiding eye area. Use daily.

Price: $29.00

Buy agel ageless daily moisturizing gel  How to buy

Intensive anti-aging gel serumIntensive Anti-aging Gel Serum

Give your skin a younger, healthy glow with this vitamin-packed anti-oxidant serum. The Ageless Anti-aging Gel Serum restores your complexion from within, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Use this miracle product morning and night to visibly reduce the effects of aging.

To use:  Apply two to three pumps daily to face and neck, avoiding eye area. Use on cleansed skin after toning with misting gel.

Price: $49.00

Buy agel ageless intensive anti-aging gel serum  How to buy

Nourishing night gelNourishing Night Gel

Enhance cell renewal while you sleep with this ultra-rich night-time gel. The Ageless Nourishing Night Gel rebuilds collagen and renews your skin’s surface. Use it nightly to restore your skin’s elasticity—and wake up in the morning with healthy, younger-looking skin.

To use:  Apply to face and neck, avoiding eye area. Use wide sweeping motions, concentrating on fine lines and wrinkles. Use nightly.

Price: $45.00

Buy agel ageless intensive anti-aging gel serum  How to buy

Age-defying eye gelAge-defying Eye Gel

Brighten the skin around your eyes with this specially formulated eye gel. The Ageless Age-defying Eye Gel smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, promoting elastin and collagen in the eye contour area. Use it morning and night to reduce signs of tiredness and aging.

To use:  Gently apply by tapping around eye area with your fourth finger (avoid the lid), until fully absorbed.

Price: $23.50

Buy agel ageless age-defying eye gel  How to buy

Remark: Price stated above is the price per container sold in U.S.  Price of product sold in other country may be vary by country. Click buy now to observe product price in your country.


Your skin deserves the best. That’s why Ageless products use only the finest natural ingredients available. From the powerful antioxidants in grape seed to the wrinkle-fighting polyphenols in pomegranate, each ingredient has been carefully selected to soothe your skin.

Acai Berry Extract

This anti-oxidant-packed berry enhances your skin’s natural process of collagen synthesis, providing amazing free-radical protection. This super-fruit extract will help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, remove toxins, and renew your skin’s natural glow.

Agel Ageless Skincare Ingredients

Pomegranate Extract

New research has shown that pomegranate may be one of the most naturally potent wrinkle-fighters available. That’s because it contains extremely high levels of polyphenols, and these powerful antioxidants are proven to stabilize the free radicals that cause the signs of premature aging.

Grape Seed Extract

The natural anti-oxidants in grape seed extract are said to be 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E—and even more effective than Beta Carotene. Even better, these nutrients remain in your bloodstream for three full days, releasing high levels of proanthocyanidins to strengthen blood vessels and help improve circulation.

Bisabolol and Ginger Root Extract

Bisabolol, an active ingredient of Chamomile plant, is known for its soothing benefits to skin. When combined with ginger root extract, it balances and rejuvenates the skin to provide a much healthier, less irritated, and more youthful appearance.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

This powerful anti-oxidant helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, sun exposure, and other environmental toxins. With powerful emollient properties, it infuses your skin with a supple and smooth glow.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)

Independent studies have shown that this nutrient increases collagen, skin thickness, and elasticity. It penetrates deep into your skin, to fights wrinkles and exfoliate from within, leaving your skin soft, supple, and youthfully plump.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Studies have shown that this powerful nutrient minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. And it’s the only anti-oxidant that’s proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Since natural collagen production decreases as you age, this vitamin is essential to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid

This natural ingredient helps your skin restore moisture. Often touted for its ability to reverse or stop signs of aging, it has been shown to lift sagging skin, prevent creasing, and reduce the depth of existing wrinkles.

Beta Glucan

This excellent nutrient reduces your skin’s external moisture loss, protects it from harmful radiations, and helps improve cellular rejuvenation.

Panthenol (ProVitamin B5)

This essential vitamin provides deep moisturization and builds skin from within.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

This natural ingredient conditions dry skin to improve its internal moisture balance.


This excellent skin conditioner and protectant is also known to promote tissue growth.


EXO and Ageless Featured in Mexican GLAMOUR

In the most recent issue of GLAMOUR magazine in Mexico!

Olivia Peralta, co-host of the popular Mexican Talk Show “Picnic” explains “There is no better beauty than beauty that comes from the inside.” When asked about her daily beauty routines, Olivia mentions EXO first, “Every day I take a gel filled with antioxidants EXO.” And later, “Every night…I use Ageless anti-wrinkle cream for my eyes….”EXO and Ageless Featured in Mexican GLAMOUR Magazine

Agel Ageless Skincare Glamour

A friend of mine in Brazil named Paulo decided to really take on the Agel product Ageless challenge. Too many people in our teams think of the Ageless product are as a women's cosmetic line. The seven Ageless skin care products are nothing more than nutrition for our skin and both males and females have a great need of taking care of our skin. Here are the before and after pictures from paulo

Agel Ageless Skincare

A lady, from Sydney, has had lots of skin problem most of her life. She used to spend a lot of money on skin care products. When she happened to know Agel Ageless and started using it realizing the high technology Agel uses with Ageless, she went home and cleaned up all her entire chemical skin care products. She has been so amazed seeing the results Ageless does for her in around six weeks.

Agel GLO and Agel Ageless skin care

Agel Ageless and Agel GLO

Alyson February 2009

Agel Ageless and Agel GLO

Alyson September 2010

Agel Ageless and Agel GLO

Alyson 2011

A number of women sharing their experiences on using Agel Ageless only within a few months. How good they feel about their skin and the way they look better, brighter and younger.

A lady using Agel Ageless has got tons of compliments on her skin everyday. She feels really good knowing her skin is really looking good. It’s really amazing for her to have some person half of her age asking her what she is doing for her skin. Agel Ageless Skin Care: A Way to Look Younger without Any Painful Procedures.

A 40-year-old woman with 2 children, Alisha Wilson, found Ageless very fantastic skin care product. She also shares with other people this “beauty from outside” by Ageless and “beauty from inside” by giving back to the community.

A lady sharing her story on using Agel ageless. Previously she had tried many other skin care products and became more and more sceptical with each one and ended up with the same results. It’s all money wasted until she has tried Ageless and the result was so fantastic for her.

Craig Bradley giving a quick update on the finest skin care line in the world, Agel Ageless. The messages have been sent to him from all over the world to say about how amazing Ageless is. He has been using Ageless and he feels a lot younger than he was 10 or 15 years ago. He invited everyone to try this and make this happen to everyone also.

Gel Science

Agel Products

We could call it a "breakthrough innovation," but really...It’s all about the gel. What is suspension gel? It’s a plant-based, gelatinous fluid that allows basic nutrients to "float."

When nutrients "float," they stay dissolved and "suspended" and are more portable, easier to ingest, more accurate in their dosage and more readily absorbed by your body.

Agel Brochure

More Portable

The science is clear. To get the most out of nutrients, you need to take them around the time you eat. That means carrying them around with you!

You can’t take a supplement you leave at home. And the soft suspension gel packs couldn’t be more grab-able, pocket-stuff-able, rip-and-sip-able, even fun to hold. Never forget your nutrition again.

Easier to Ingest

Let’s face it. Pills are hard to swallow—and not just for kids and seniors. Liquids often taste terrible. There has to be an easier way. There is. Suspension gel packs taste great and couldn’t be easier to sip. No spilling. No choking. No pill after taste. No water needed. Just nutrition where you need it.

More Accurate in Dosage

Each suspension gel pack contains an exact dosage of the nutrients your body needs, and the patent-pending gel technology means you get every last drop when you "rip and sip." No shaking. No ingredient sediments at the bottom that you miss. Each gel is a uniform blend of goodness with the same dosage of nutrients, every time.

Easily to absorbed by your Body

It’s called "bioavailability." That’s a big word for how readily your body can absorb the nutrients you swallow. Athletes take carbohydrates in gel packs mid-race so they get the benefit immediately.

Now you can get immediate results. Pills and their coatings may or may not get broken down. Liquids must be shaken and taken immediately. But the nutrients in gel packs are always dissolved, suspended, and ready to go to work.

Suspension Gel Technology - it’s all about the gel.

Gel Suspension Technology


Recommend Agel Ageless skin care by Joel Rockwood

Joel Rockwood formulates Agel’s patent pending Suspension Gel Technology. Click here for his bibliography

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