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Get Fit Personal Pack
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Agel Get Fit Personal Pack

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Proper nutrition is essential when trying to lose weight. When restricting the diet it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need and none of the stuff you don’t. The Get Fit Personal Pack helps you start each day out right with PRO. By adding PRO, EXO and VLT to GRN and FIT you can fight the battle of the bulge on every front, by getting proper nutrition with PRO and EXO, cleansing with GRN, fighting off fat with FIT  and getting energy with VLT.

Agel FIT - The fit way to burn fat

Agel FIT

Agel FITLosing weight can be a huge struggle. But FIT can help you finally win the battle of the bulge.

Agel FIT is a great tasting gel that can help play a role in this frustrating struggle, without the harmful effects of stimulants. The active ingredient in Agel FIT is a well studied, patent pending form of HCA (hydroxycitric acid), called Super CitriMax™. It comes from the extract of the fruit and rind of Garcinia combogia, and it has been shown in clinical trials to decrease body weight by reducing appetite and inhibiting fat synthesis without stimulating the central nervous system. There are other products on the market that use HCA for weight management, but not all of them contain Super CitriMax™. What makes this form of HCA so good is that it is bound to calcium and potassium, which maximizes its solubility, thereby, increasing its bioavailability. Add that to the fact that it is now suspended in a gel formulation and we have the makings of an awesome weight management aid. Learn more about Agel FIT.

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Agel GRN - Cleanse and detoxify your body

Agel GRN

Agel GRNGreen leafy vegetables are the basis of a great diet, because the phytonutrients in them help to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish the body. Agel makes it easy to include the phytonutrients of greens in your daily diet. Agel GRN helps cleanse and detoxify the body. With its powerful blend of phytonutrients, Agel GRN also keeps the digestive tract moving. The whole food fibrous particles stimulate peristalsis, the muscle motion that moves food from one stage of digestion to the next, as the phytonutrients feed, detoxify, cleanse and nourish the digestive tract. Learn more about Agel GRN

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Agel PRO - The most powerful and advanced protein for muscle fuel

Agel PRO

Agel PROAgel PRO is the most powerful and advanced protein product on the market. Its unmatched amino acid profile is achieved by combining several protein sources with Green Tea Extract. It is loaded with the super nutrients found in Green Tea Extract known as polyphenols. Studies show that polyphenols may boost metabolism and assist in fat burning. Now with Agel PRO you get all the benefits of a protein drink like powerful muscle fuel along with the added benefits of fat-burning super nutrients, an advanced amino acid profile, and effective nutrient absorption. Learn more about Agel PRO.

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Agel VLT – Fast healthy energy you need

Agel VLT

Agel VLTThis new high energy Agel suspended matrix gel product combines caffeine, vitamins, and selected herbs to create the ultimate high-energy gel for active people.  The new Agel VLT is an energy gel superior in effect to energy drinks such as red bull, monster, rockstar and other such energy drinks. VLT provides the quick energy you need without the sudden crash associated with those energy drinks. Because of VLT’s unique blend of healthy nutrients and vitamins, this suspended gel not only provides the best form of bioavailability over energy drinks, pills, tablets, capsules or powders but acts quickly and provides longer lasting intense energy without the sudden drop of energy or commonly known as ‘crash’. Learn more about Agel VLT.

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Agel EXO - Fight free radicals and gain better health

Agel EXO

Variety is the spice of life and helps to sustain it too. By combining a variety of exotic fruits and plant extracts, EXO provides a complete spectrum of antioxidants that support good health and well-being.

Agel EXOThe best natural ingredients – Agel EXO is a unique and perfectly balanced blend of exotic fruits and plant extracts. Some of these fruits and extracts are already well known and well regarded by those interested in health and well-being. These celebrated sources of health include sea buckthorn, mangosteen, and acai, to name a few. But Agel EXO also contains many other sources of antioxidants in a rich and tasty blend.

The best are even better together - Each of these exotic fruits and plant extracts is incredibly good for your health, but they’re even better together, which means that EXO contains a wider range of nutritive qualities than products that offer only one active ingredient. EXO’s unique combination of ingredients offers you literally hundreds of naturally occurring antioxidants in one convenient serving.

Lose free radicals and gain better health - Antioxidants are essential to living well. They’re also essential to cellular health, thanks to their ability to neutralize free radicals. What does this mean for you? It means that EXO supports those body functions that help us cope with the stress of a hectic lifestyle and an environment full of pollutants. In fact, eliminating free radicals supports healthy cells and helps maintain that young, vibrant, healthy look and feel. Learn more about Agel EXO

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