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Agel GLO
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Agel GLO

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It's never too late to turn back time. Most people look and feel older than what they are. Agel Glo works to protect your delicate tissues and cells from damage. Agel GLO ingredients helps to revitalize the fibers within your skin to help you look and feel younger.

The benefits of Agel GLO

Agel GLOAgel GLO is supplied with the nutrients needed to help keep your skin healthy. It is the body from the inside out as well as the beauty of the skin on the outside if it is widely associated with Agel Ageless Skin Care will see the results clearly. Because it is a complete skin. With ingredients such as turmeric and Acerola Cherry.

Agel GLO is a natural product that protects you from pollution and sunlight. Reduce wrinkles. And makes the skin smooth.

Remark: Price stated above is the price per container sold in U.S. and each container contains 30 gel packs. Usually, 1 gel pack is consumed per day. Price of product sold in other country may be vary by country. Click buy now to observe product price in your country.


Agel GLO

Hydrating your body is key to looking good and feeling good. As we age, it becomes increasingly more difficult for our cells to absorb water. This leads to a dry, flaky and dull appearance. When combined, Green Tea Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Aloe Vera help your cells absorb water, providing fuller, healthier skin, hair and nails.

Enhancing the Collagen fibers in our bodies can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance. Over time these fibers weaken and stretch causing fine lines and wrinkles, even sagging. By combining Acerola Cherry extract, Horsetail extract and Coenzyme Q-10 you can properly support your collagen fibers.

Protecting yourself from environmental pollutants and the long term effects of the sun can give you an even, smooth and healthy complexion for years to come. GLO accomplishes this by combining Green Tea Extract with Turmeric and Oats

GLO Facts

GLO was conceptualized to offer a specifically formulated product that will give your body the nutritional needs to reflect your health and beauty from the inside out. In conjunction with the Agel Body line, your body will obtain ingredients carefully researched and studied to bring the beauty care and nutrition to a full circle. With revolutionary ingredients like Turmeric and Acerola Cherry, GLO is all natural and provides protection from harsh chemicals, long term effects from the sun, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and also evens out skin complexion.

Agel GLOWhat are free radicals, how do they work?

Free-radical damage occurs on an atomic level. Molecules are made of atoms, and a single atom is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Electrons are always found in pairs. However, when oxygen molecules are involved in a chemical reaction, they can lose one of their electrons. This oxygen molecule that now only has one electron is called a free radical. With only one electron the oxygen molecule must quickly find another electron, and it does this by taking the electron from another molecule. When that molecule in turn loses one of its electrons, it too must seek out another, in a continuing reaction. Molecules attempting to repair themselves in this way trigger a cascading event called "free-radical damage."

What causes a molecule to let go of one of its electrons, generating free-radical damage? The answer is oxygen or any compound that contains an oxygen molecule, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide) plus sunlight, and pollution.

Antioxidants prevent unstable oxygen molecules (made unstable by loss of one electron) from interacting with other molecules (taking one of their electrons) and consequently causing them to become unstable, a process that starts the free-radical chain reaction. Fortunately, a vast assortment of antioxidants can be found in both the human body and in the plant world.

So what does that have to do with wrinkles? No one is exactly sure, but theoretically wrinkles appear when the free-radical damage originates from natural environmental factors and fails to be cancelled out by some amount of antioxidant protection. If we don’t get enough antioxidant protection, either from our own body’s production, from dietary sources, or from antioxidants, including those we put on our skin, free-radical damage continues unrestrained, causing cells to break down and impairing or destroying their ability to function normally.

Antioxidants (anti- meaning against) reduce these harmful effects by repairing the damage done to these molecules and decreasing their destructive power.


Agel GLO

Direction : Consume one packet of GLO daily with a meal or right after a meal. 

Agel GLOVery noticeable results can be seen in as little as two months with the age appearance creating a look of 5-10 years younger or even younger than that. It also removes acne scars and evens out skin tone with lecithin, all naturally. For best overall results, GLO should be taken in conjunction with Agel’s Ageless Skin Care Line products (Daily Cleansing Gel, Misting Gel, Revitalizing Gel Scrub, Gel Serum, Daily Moisturizing Gel, Nourishing Night Gel, and Age-defying Eye Gel). These products can be purchased separately or as a kit (Agel offers a six-month kit as well as a starter/travel sized-kit which lasts about a month). Agel’s Skin Care Line is the only skin care line in the world using suspended gel technology with absolutely no chemicals (parabens and toxins), unlike all the other skin care lines found in upscale department stores in malls (and chemicals, over time, actually damage one’s skin instead of improving the youth and feeling of one’s skin). This skin care line is for both women and men as is obviously the GLO product. In a matter of a few weeks, you will no longer need to be applying makeup to your skin because GLO will rejuvenate your collagen fibers. If you have acne scars, GLO is your natural solution for eliminating such results of acne.

The GLO product is sold in a box which includes 30 gel-packs, essentially a month’s supply, for proper skin hydration and removal of wrinkles and other lines. For best results, this product should be consumed for two months, and you will most definitely not regret the results. The flavor of GLO is apricot and green tea!

Take a look at what four weeks of taking our ingested GLO product can do, simply near the eyes – imagine what it can do to your overall skin!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (supplements providers are given guidelines to follow but the FDA does not require supplements to be approved and Agel follows such guidelines). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease but it will enable you to have youthful skin both with appearance and feel because of the unique blend of natural ingredients of lecithin, turmeric, lutein, CoQ10, and many others.


Agel GLO

Agel glo supplementary facts

Most other skin-care products contain artificial preservatives and other "special" ingredients which have been man made. These over-the-counter skin care products that are not natural will only damage your skin even more in the long run because the chemicals seep down into the pores and destry the skin's innermost layer. As a result, you're left with more wrinkles and sagging. 

With Agel Glo, there are no artificial ingredients. For best results, it's recommended to use this produt once per day. Within only a few short days, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the overall look and texture of your skin. Most people have noticed that within the first month, Agel Glo removes years from their appearance. 

This product also contains coenzyme Q10, which is effective for increasing the amount of collagen in the skin, leading to a more youthful appearance. It also contains turmeric extract, trace minerals, lutein, horse-tail extract, lecithin, oat concentrate, and tocotrienol, which are each all-natural ingredients.

Ingredients Facts

Active Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil Extract, Aloe Vera, Lecithin, Lutein, Acerola Cherry Extract, Horsetail Extract, Coenzyme Q-10, Turmeric Extract, Tocotrienol

Your skin and body deserves the best. That’s why GLO and the Ageless products use only the finest natural ingredients available. From the powerful antioxidants in grape seed to the wrinkle-fighting polyphenols in pomegranate, each ingredient has been carefully selected to soothe enhance your skin from the inside out.

Grape Seed Oil 

Agel GLO Grape Seed Oil

The natural anti-oxidants in grape seed extract are said to be 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E—and even more effective than Beta Carotene. Even better, these nutrients remain in your bloodstream for three full days, releasing high levels of proanthocyanidins to strengthen blood vessels and help improve circulation.

Green Tea Seed Oil Extract

Green Tea Agel GLO

Green tea seed oil is a superb moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, and a great source of vitamin A, B and E. It also has antioxidant effects due to the powerful catechin polyphenols, which help fight the damage caused by free radicals in tissues and cells. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Agel GLO

Aloe Vera has been proven to penetrate the skin almost four times faster than water, which helps improve the appearance by giving it the moisture needed. It is rich in enzymes, protein, vitamin E and C, anti-microbial, zinc, amino acids, polysaccharids and minerals. It is also known to repair the skin cells and stimulate the collage and elastic condition of the skin.



Lecithin is a phospholipid comprised of B vitamins, phosphoric acid, choline, linoleic acid and inositol. It is also a building block in cell membranes as it works to protect cells from oxidation. 


Lutein Agel GLO

Studies have shown that Lutein increases hydration, elasticity and lipid levels in the skin. When taken on a daily basis, Lutein can help reinforce the skin’s antioxidant defense system as well as protect against damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Acerola Cherry Extract

Agel GLO Acerola Cherry

This red, sweet and sour berry has thirty times the vitamin C found in an orange. It is a great antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory benefits. Due to its high vitamin C content, Acerola cherries can increase your body’s ability to repair tissues quickly.

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail Agel GLO

Horsetail is a plant known for boosting circulation and helping in the rejuvenation of connective tissues due to the bio-minerals contained in it that are needed for collagen and elastin biosynthesis. The silicic acid it contains helps strengthen connective tissue. 

Coenzyme Q-10

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. It has also been proven to increase collage and elastin in the skin, and help repair damaged skin cells.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric Agel GLO

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being an excellent antioxidant. It’s continued use has shown to decrease the formation of deep creases and wrinkles, as well as even out skin tone.



Tocotrienol is the most powerful antioxidant of the vitamin E family. Studies have shown that it can prevent skin aging and damage by oxidative rays as well as helping to maintain and restore a healthy skin barrier. 


Agel glo testimonials 1

Alyson Ogilvie Lee from Melbourne, Australia, decided to try out Ageless and GLO to see if it can make any difference on her skin. 

Below are the results after using 1 sachet of Agel GLO per day for two months together with Ageless Skin Care.
Agel GLO

Alyson Photos Taken Between 2009 to 2011

Agel Ageless and Agel GLO

Alyson February 2009

Agel Ageless and Agel GLO

Alyson September 2010

Agel Ageless and Agel GLO

Alyson 2011

Gel Science

Agel Products

We could call it a "breakthrough innovation," but really...It’s all about the gel. What is suspension gel? It’s a plant-based, gelatinous fluid that allows basic nutrients to "float."

When nutrients "float," they stay dissolved and "suspended" and are more portable, easier to ingest, more accurate in their dosage and more readily absorbed by your body.

Agel Brochure

More Portable

The science is clear. To get the most out of nutrients, you need to take them around the time you eat. That means carrying them around with you!

You can’t take a supplement you leave at home. And the soft suspension gel packs couldn’t be more grab-able, pocket-stuff-able, rip-and-sip-able, even fun to hold. Never forget your nutrition again.

Easier to Ingest

Let’s face it. Pills are hard to swallow—and not just for kids and seniors. Liquids often taste terrible. There has to be an easier way. There is. Suspension gel packs taste great and couldn’t be easier to sip. No spilling. No choking. No pill after taste. No water needed. Just nutrition where you need it.

More Accurate in Dosage

Each suspension gel pack contains an exact dosage of the nutrients your body needs, and the patent-pending gel technology means you get every last drop when you "rip and sip." No shaking. No ingredient sediments at the bottom that you miss. Each gel is a uniform blend of goodness with the same dosage of nutrients, every time.

Easily to absorbed by your Body

It’s called "bioavailability." That’s a big word for how readily your body can absorb the nutrients you swallow. Athletes take carbohydrates in gel packs mid-race so they get the benefit immediately.

Now you can get immediate results. Pills and their coatings may or may not get broken down. Liquids must be shaken and taken immediately. But the nutrients in gel packs are always dissolved, suspended, and ready to go to work.

Suspension Gel Technology - it’s all about the gel.

Gel Suspension Technology


Recommend Agel GLO by DR. Randall Maxey

Dr. Randall Maxey is president of the Alliance of Minority Medical Associations (AMMA) and co-Chairs the NMA AMA Commission. Click here for his bibliography.

Recommend Agel GLO by Joel Rockwood

Joel Rockwood formulates Agel’s patent pending Suspension Gel Technology. Click here for his bibliography

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