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Agel UMI Pod
Price : $15.00


Agel UMI Pod x 4 = $50.00

Agel UMI Pod x 8 = $95.00

Agel UMI Pod

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The UMI pod suspended gel immune system booster contains the same fucoidan, iodine and apple cider vinegar ingredients as the UMI immune system gel packets, except that UMI pod comes in eight servings of 0.75oz or 21 grams each (or 1.5Tbsp per serving) or the equivalent of 6oz or 168 grams per pod. The fucoidan packed immune system booster UMI pod is very advantageous when the immune system has failed to promote cell apoptosis or cancer apoptosis, for when many servings of fucoidan are required to be ingested quickly. Fucoidan also provides many other health benefits in addition to a strong immune system.

Each UMI pod (week supply) is $15.00 USD and the 4 pack (month supply) is $50.00 USD. That is $25.00 USD cheaper than the regular UMI box. Learn more about Agel UMI.

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