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Agel FLX
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Agel FLX

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Joint health benefits in summary:

  1. Agel FLXGlucosamine as a major structural component of Chondroitin, stimulates its production.
  2. Chondroitin as a major building block of cartilage helps keep it soft and flexible, and protects it from enzymatic destruction.
  3. MSM strengthens collagen bonds, creating stronger, healthier cartilage, also relieves pain and reduces inflammation
  4. Celadrin® increases cell membrane integrity helping to reduce pain and inflammation of damaged joint tissues, also helps provide adequate joint lubrication.

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Agel™ FLX was formulated to take advantage of 4 fantastic ingredients that have all been found to be very beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints and maximum flexibility. This formulation is a first, not only because it contains all 4 ingredients, but also because it is delivered in a gel suspension, a remarkable innovation by itself.

Agel FLX

Minor or temporary joint pain associated with the normal activities of our active lifestyle is increasing around the world. Many are those who suffer needlessly or put themselves in harms way by taking medications that treat the symptoms rather than the problem.

So, what are the answers to this complex problem?

There has been significant research done to identify means of addressing this condition,. As this research has progressed, there have been some rather remarkable discoveries. Researchers have identified some of the key building blocks in our joints and cartilage and have found naturally occurring sources of them in our environment. By studying the effects of incorporating these components into our diets, scientists have found some wonderful results with regard to joint health. They have concluded that by orally ingesting some of these compounds that are important factors in the regeneration and maintenance of healthy joints joint health and function improve. To understand this concept better, consider bones. Bones are rebuilt or strengthened by adding calcium to the boney matrix. As we all know, we need to ingest calcium in our diets in order to build strong bones. Similarly, cartilage is regenerated or stengthened by providing its’ building blocks in our diet.

So, what are these compounds that have been found to be so helpful in maintaining healthy joints? There are four that we will address here: Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane), and Celadrin (a proprietary combination of cetylated fatty acids). These four ingredients have all been found in clinical trials, individually, to improve joint function and health. They have become a mainstay and a very important ally to those who suffer from temporary or minor joint pain associated with normal activities. What’s more, they are fast becoming a mainstay for all adults who want to maintain healthy joints and active lifestyles.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a product available that had all 4 of these ingredients in one formulation? What kind of synergy would be present if all 4 of these natural joint health wonders were able to perform together in a single blend?


The Power of Four

There are four supplements touted for their healthful effects on joints: Chondroitin sulfate is a part of a large protein molecule that gives cartilage elasticity. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is believed to assist in cartilage formation, repair and in the lubrication of the joints. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a biologically available form of sulfur shown to be effective at supporting joint health. And Celadrin is a proprietary combination of cetylated fatty acids that has been shown to promote joint health and reduce minor or temporary pain due to the normal activities of an active life.

Joint Health  Joint Health

There are many pills that contain one two or even three of these ingredients, but FLX contains all four at their effective dosages. Combine that with the benefits of Suspension Gel and its easy to see why FLX is in a class by itself.

FLX Comparison table

Agel FLX Comparison


Some Facts about the Ingredients in FLX

ChondroitinChondroitin is extracted from shark or bovine cartilage. It is one of the major building blocks used in the formation and repair of the cartilage matrix. Cartilage is the tough, flexible connective tissue that serves as the cushion for the joints and is also found in other parts of the body such as the tip of the nose and outer ears. One of chondroitin’s primary functions as one of the key components in the cartilage matrix is to attract water to the other larger macromolecules within the matrix, thus keeping it soft and flexible. As such, it helps provide the cushion necessary to prevent bone-to-bone contact, especially in the weight bearing joints such as the knees and hips. In addition, the body uses chondroitin to prevent certain enzymes from breaking down the existing cartilage, thus providing a protective effect. The optimum daily dose is 1200 mg.

GlucosamineGlucosamine is produced from crab, lobster and shrimp shells. It is classified as an amino sugar. Unlike other forms of sugar found in the body, this form is incorporated into the structure of body tissues, rather than being used for energy. In fact, the body uses glucosamine to build your fingernails and toenails, tendons, skin, eyes, bones, ligaments and even your heart valves. But, in particular, it is found in high concentrations in your joint tissues and more specifically the cartilage matrix. Glucosamine is one of the components used in the production of Chondroitin, and in fact, it stimulates the body to produce more of this important building block for joint cartilage. As we age, our bodies decrease the natural production of Glucosamine therefore supplementation of this important joint structural component is important. The optimal daily dose is 1500 mg.

In multiple clinical trials, Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been found to work synergistically to help maintain joint health.

MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane)MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is a naturally occurring organic sulfur compound found in many plant and animal tissues. Sulfur is an essential component of healthy hair, skin, nails, tendons, and joints. It has also been found to help detoxify the body on a cellular level. MSM provides the essential sulfur that is necessary to build strong collagen and therefore strong and healthy cartilage by strengthening the sulfur bonds between the collagen strands. Although MSM is found in many of the foods that we eat, processing and cooking easily destroy it. As a result, MSM is probably not present in significant quantities in the majority of foods that we eat. Most people would probably benefit from supplementation of this crucial element for optimal health.

Celadrin® is a patented blend of cetylated fatty acids (CFA’s) that have been stabilized through a proprietary process of esterifying oils. In addition, the CFA’s in Celadrin® have the effect of increased joint lubrication. The prime role of Celadrin® appears to be its ability to enhance cell membrane health and integrity.


The body is made up of an enormous number of cells separated into various types and functions. The cell membrane is the organized structure that separates and protects components in the cell from neighboring cells and the outside world. Some of the major components of the cell membrane are structural lipids, which regulate nutrients and other compounds across the cell membrane. This regulation is very critical to the adequate function and health of the individual cell.

Celadrin® enhances the cell membrane and its integrity for efficient functionality. The result is a more efficient, fluid, permeable and a youthful cell membrane. Celadrin® enhances the lipid structure of the cell membrane converting it to a super membrane enabling the cells to rapidly repair and regenerate.

In simple terms, Celadrin® improves the lubrication of joints and prevents the manufacture of compounds that produce temporary or minor pain associated with normal activities.

Agel FLX

How does Celadrin® compare to CMO (cetylmyristoleate)?

CMO is simply one of the components of the unique matrix of Celadrin®. Researchers discovered the mixture was more effective than the isolated CMO. Hence, Celadrin® can be simply regarded as an enhanced form of CMO.

Is there any difference between the various oral forms of Celadrin®?

Agel FLX

The product has previously been available in tablets, soft gelatin, and hard gelatin capsules. Since Celadrin® is a fatty acid complex, softgel capsules may provide advantages in absorption, just as with other lipid-loving molecues (e.g. CoQ10). As well, the published clinical trials utilized Celadrin® in a softgel form.

Is Celadrin® safe?

The safety profile is exceptional with no reported side effects or drug interactions.

Can Celadrin® be used on a long-term basis?

Absolutely, Celadrin® is completely safe for indefinite use without side effect.

Are there any interactions with prescription drugs?

There is no indication or known mechanism where Celadrin® would cause an adverse interaction with any medication.

Agel FLX Power of fourWhat are the joint health benefits in summary:

  • Glucosamine as a major structural component of Chondroitin, stimulates its production.
  • Chondroitin as a major building block of cartilage helps keep it soft and flexible, and protects it from enzymatic destruction.
  • MSM strengthens collagen bonds, creating stronger, healthier cartilage.
  • MSM relieves minor and temporary pain from normal activities.
  • Celadrin® increases cell membrane.
  • Celadrin® helps provide adequate joint lubrication.


There have not been sufficient studies to determine the effect of these ingredients on pregnancy, and are therefore not recommended for pregnant women. If you are allergic to shellfish, you should consult your physician before using FLX.


She got an accident. Her hip, shoulders and neck on the right side was pain. Two or three times a week, she go to chiropractor but it wasn't help. Using Agel FLX for three days, her pain have gone.

"Result in the video or picture above is the his or her personal experience.  Different persons may experience the different results of using the products because of different health conditions.  Agel products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

George Arnau, Jacksonville FL, injured after playing golf and Agel FLX make him better.

"Result in the video or picture above is the his or her personal experience.  Different persons may experience the different results of using the products because of different health conditions.  Agel products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Shari Jacobson experiences in back pain because of aging. Agel FLX make her better.

"Result in the video or picture above is the his or her personal experience.  Different persons may experience the different results of using the products because of different health conditions.  Agel products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Burn victims using massage therapy, Agel FLX and Agel EXO to improve quality of life.

"Result in the video or picture above is the his or her personal experience.  Different persons may experience the different results of using the products because of different health conditions.  Agel products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Gel Science

Agel Products

We could call it a "breakthrough innovation," but really...It’s all about the gel. What is suspension gel? It’s a plant-based, gelatinous fluid that allows basic nutrients to "float."

When nutrients "float," they stay dissolved and "suspended" and are more portable, easier to ingest, more accurate in their dosage and more readily absorbed by your body.

Agel Brochure

More Portable

The science is clear. To get the most out of nutrients, you need to take them around the time you eat. That means carrying them around with you!

You can’t take a supplement you leave at home. And the soft suspension gel packs couldn’t be more grab-able, pocket-stuff-able, rip-and-sip-able, even fun to hold. Never forget your nutrition again.

Easier to Ingest

Let’s face it. Pills are hard to swallow—and not just for kids and seniors. Liquids often taste terrible. There has to be an easier way. There is. Suspension gel packs taste great and couldn’t be easier to sip. No spilling. No choking. No pill after taste. No water needed. Just nutrition where you need it.

More Accurate in Dosage

Each suspension gel pack contains an exact dosage of the nutrients your body needs, and the patent-pending gel technology means you get every last drop when you "rip and sip." No shaking. No ingredient sediments at the bottom that you miss. Each gel is a uniform blend of goodness with the same dosage of nutrients, every time.

Easily to absorbed by your Body

It’s called "bioavailability." That’s a big word for how readily your body can absorb the nutrients you swallow. Athletes take carbohydrates in gel packs mid-race so they get the benefit immediately.

Now you can get immediate results. Pills and their coatings may or may not get broken down. Liquids must be shaken and taken immediately. But the nutrients in gel packs are always dissolved, suspended, and ready to go to work.

Suspension Gel Technology - it’s all about the gel.

Gel Suspension Technology


Recommend Agel FLX by Dr. Randall Maxey

Dr. Randall Maxey is president of the Alliance of Minority Medical Associations (AMMA) and co-Chairs the NMA AMA Commission. Click here for his bibliography.

Recommend Agel FLX by Joel Rockwood

Joel Rockwood formulates Agel’s patent pending Suspension Gel Technology. Click here for his bibliography

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