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This is specially for AGEL lovers, if you have been taking AGEL consistently. Have you ever known you can buy AGEL with price $15 lower than wholesale price. Generally, one box of AGEL is sold at $60 (wholesale price), with this method we are going to recommend, you can buy AGEL at net price $45 or about 20-25% off from wholesale price. Not only getting 25% discount, more amazingly, this method also allows you to buy all AGEL products right from AGEL office, deliver to your doorsteps, so this can assures you that the product’s quality is guaranteed according to AGEL’s terms and conditions.

This method is known widely among AGEL’s independent distributor, however, it is opted not to reveal to their customers for two reasons. First, AGEL’s independent distributor would rather keep $15 per box and enjoy it as their own commission income. Second, there are few conditions to make this method applicable and beneficial to the customers.

In the past, we presented this method on the website. However, some distributors want to protect their benefit. They complain to Agel Enterprise so that this method is not allowed to publish on website. We have to comply the rule announced by Agel Enterprise because we are the ethical Agel distributors.

We decided to remove the content of this method on this website. However, Agel Enterprise is not prohibit us to send the content of this method to your e-mail address. Enter your information on the below form and the e-mail will be sent to you automatically.

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